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In Culture, Life, Politics on October 10, 2012 at 7:59 am

An earlier post was on societal segregation found in hyper-economic industrial segments. There, we considered a fickle movie industry that prefers to handle creativity, production and distribution in-house and ideally literally inside their family homes so that there is no interference from ordinary folk, who is only required to line up and hand over their money to these segregated industry kingpins. An iniquitous society churns and grumbles as it tries to free itself from this blatant nepotism. We might be witnessing a calculated  assault on the status quo just as pointed out previously, “The process of dismantling these miniature societies will hence be inevitable, conscripted and an absolute necessity”. Recently divulged information shows another facet to societal segregation applied and implemented by political powerhouses.

Catastrophic bombshells were strategically released by Indian political activist, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal shaming and naming India’s Italian godmother’s son-in-law, Mr. Robert Vadra. The first family of Indian politics enjoys a clout of power owing to dynasty worship. This worship arises out of a kind of abstraction employed by these masters who teach their subjects to vote for a noun instead of an idea. The largest democracy in the world, through incessant conditioning has been reduced to an impotent dog very much like Pavlov’s unlucky canine whose only job is to cast a vote in favor of ‘Gandhi’ or ‘Congress’ as soon as the bell is rung. Deplorably regressive societal un-development ensues even if the ‘Congress’ noun is replaced by a ‘BJP’ one or any of the myriad nouns that are abstractions created to facilitate propagation of personal development rather than a wider, national prerogative.


BM: Hello, this is Bharat Mata.  Am I speaking to the policy makers of the Indian government? Can you please protect my children from undernourishment and could you for god’s sake stop wasting agriculture produce…

Govt: Err… Bharat Ma’m, kindly have a seat over there. We will get back to you as soon as my grandson launches his movie production studio and owns at least two IPL cricket teams .



A recent study1 notes the sharp rise in extreme wealth after 1990;

“Overall, 43% of the total number of billionaires, accounting for 60% of billionaire wealth in India, had their primary sources of wealth from rent-thick sectors.”

When a billion people hand over control of their land to you, a modern King’s office at your disposal, with a palace of malevolent  ministers, replete with jesters and patrons, the kingdom becomes ripe for your nepotistic dictum. Rabindranath’s India2  has been stripped of her innocence as soon as she came of age in the 1940s-50s and she’s nothing but a former shell of herself. A perpetual prostitute being ravaged decade after decade by thieves and dacoits while her impotent children stand and watch with bated breath for a savior that has never showed up.

Hell, in all probability the messianic was a girl, born with a twinkle in her eye and full of hope for future, only to be jammed down one of those wretched toilets housed in a common commuter train  chugging away on our glorious national railway network.

All hail progress, Jai Hind et al.


1. Where do India’s Billionaires Get Their Wealth?

2.  Here we assume the nation to have had a reincarnation of sorts after  Imperial British withdrawal.


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