Step away from the window, child...

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Who are you?

Of all the voices in your head, which is the real you?

The white wolf or the dark wolf?


The truth is you’re the one watching over those two wolves. You have the middle ground. You decide the feeding.

Only time will tell which wolf you turn out to be in the end.

There is no certainty to your final transformation. Your circumstances will guide you to make the choices that result in your final choice.

As your cyber shaman/guide, the only thing I can advise you is to listen to your instinct. Just breathe.

Everything around you is temporary and you’re destined to return to dust. It is important for you to accept your impending inevitable fate in order that you may take the right choice.

Godspeed, child.




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Step away from the window, child...

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Step away from the window, child...