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The Case Against Religion

In Culture, Earth, Life, Universe on May 16, 2019 at 6:23 am

A valid tactic employed for the purpose of subjugation is to inundate the lay-person with a barrage of sensory information that renders them passive and malleable. So, when we begin to analyze a topic like religion, the sheer number of disparations will seem daunting, and hence we will only consider the three main ones that have caught on with the popular psyche….for now. Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

For any idealogue(priests), the first requirement is a manifesto, with Judaism the first to get its Torah at around 1300BC, which also happens to be the Old Testament for the Christians. The New Testament was added at the beginning of our Gregorian Calendar, which was the Julian Calendar at that particular point in time. The stranglehold of Christian theology on the worldwide calendar is reflected in its position as the religion with maximum number of followers at 2.4 billion, followed by a persistent and aggressive Islam at 1.8 billion. To be fair though, Christianity did have an aggressive phase but that discussion is outside the purview of today’s discussion.

Calendars are an important facet of the threat posed by mass religious propaganda and more specifically it is TIME, in and of itself which is going to be a silent catalyst of turmoil. You see, even though the Talmud and Quran offers verbatim instructions directly from the mouth of a Creator, it fails at describing time. According to Christian rhetoric, the world was purportedly supposed to end  a multitude of times bringing forth the Creator’s judgement followed by his wise rule. The dates of apocalypse keep  amassing but the world with its population of divergent subjects keep trudging on from one murder to the next genocide. No end to evil. No judgement in sight.

The argument in this wall of text is that as time marches on without divine intervention, it will slowly dawn on the less morally inclined, that there is no repercussion and there is no substance to the religious narrative. This will embolden evil to the extreme. On the other hand, if humanity’s progression has their idealogue based on a tangible prerogative such as Common Good of Mankind, or a Balance in Natural Existence, instead of an All Knowing Being, the chances of a lay-population helping themselves  and not waiting for outside intervention will be more probable, achievable, as well as desirable.

This existent threat of regression, depravation, perversion and rot applies to all the other religions that have found niches, where even Buddhism has extremists now.

If you are a reader, who is lost among various religious alternatives, the author recommends self-meditation and a small-scale web research into ‘Pagan‘ religion, which is not a single religion but a gambit of the choicest deities that our prevalent Christian forefathers successfully outlawed on the course to their ascendancy. Choose your favorite deity that matches your personality and stay good, be absurdly kind in a world that makes no sense, and hold your sigil close to your heart till the day you die.

PS: There is indeed judgement for all your actions and you shouldn’t be unnerved or swayed by the sheer amount of time that you have to wait for that day to come. IT. WILL. BE. DONE.


A shoutout to Hinduism. We are experiencing  a Day of Brahma at this point in time, which will last 4.32 billion years, followed by a Night, when the universe will be dark and lifeless for that same amount of time. RIP.


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