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Spin Deception II

In Culture, Politics on April 4, 2018 at 10:02 am

Any discussion on modern spin deception cannot be complete without including its application in statecraft. With every passing moment, words are losing their meaning or rather getting underlying implications attached to their connotations.


Egypt held its presidential election in March of 2018. Incumbent President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi reemerged as the President elect. The whole process was deemed ‘farcical’. As all his opponents were intimidated, easily, considering he controls the military. As was the  case when el-Sisi garnered the post initially with the help of a military coup.

The same change is undergoing in democratic elections of Russia where Putin reemerged as the elected leader. The Indian subcontinent is no stranger to this phenomenon with the top public office more akin to the salon of its favorite dynasty, the Gandhi family. Oscillating itself to an autocrat summoning up communal support in the intervals, riling up Hindu sentiments specifically.



When there are no longer able, independent leaders stepping up to take the reigns, a tandemocracy embeds itself as an inherent feature of statecraft, with power transfer occurring between two certain candidates term after term. The subjects are passive enough to be taught this is the new normal.



Spin Deception

In Culture, Life, Politics on April 2, 2018 at 7:00 am

There’s no two-ways about it, we have truly evolved, not fruitfully, but substantially. This evolution is espoused in how our culture manifests around the entire circumference of our planet. Mankind has honed its guile along the way and replaced tools of physical violence with tools for spin & deception as its weapon of choice.

Structured application of this technique is found to be ingrained in litigious circumstances where judges and magistrates have to take decisions based on verifying deceptions. It is manifested in the form of literature and body-language of defendants and complainants. Plato’s Republic espouses a certain section of society anointed as Guardians to burden this task of verification.

In our present world, even judges employ  deceptions as they have personal stake in the outcome of many disputes. As not to appear duplicitous, Guardians, as per The Republic, are bred as a separate segment of widespread society, who do not engage in reproduction and wealth accumulation. And similar to all well-built, yet discarded directions for the well-being of a civilization, we follow the British legal system in majority of our nation-states, where a modern judge is no less culpable than the alleged criminal set for trial before him/her.

steve smith and david warner crying

We just need to consider how the Australian cricketers have been manipulating mass media with concocted body language and spinned propaganda to spread a stage-managed aura of self-condemnation. A precedent is being set of the average citizen being converted into a thespian, albeit a mediocre attempt.  Till now it was only prevalent in courtrooms around the world. In our golden age of information, that practice of manufactured remorse to circumvent introspection has found a snug playhouse on the silverscreen.  This is the future we have already created and being continuously updated, of spinning half-truths into iron-clad facts, and stagehands working at breakneck speed to admonish any and all who points out just how naked the emperor really has become as time progressed.

The Becoming

In Culture, Life, Philosophy, Politics on October 27, 2017 at 12:06 am

What does it mean to be, become and continue being a human, in these modern times of technological despair? Our widely accepted ideology at present consists of selling an individual’s personal time in exchange for sustenance. Capitalism, with all its warts and cancerous moles, has engulfed our entire planet in a death-grip, that has decided to not let go till our last natural resource has been remolded into an imaginary paper currency.

Every time anyone raises their voice in critique against this system of passive subjugation, insults of being a Leftist are hurled, which just shuts down any conversation about changing the status quo. It is automatically assumed by the guardians of Capitalism that there is no viable alternative. Truth is that humans haven’t been able to truly harness their God-given ability for co-operation in elevating themselves above the stature of being mere animals. Not yet.

Capitalism considers competition as its cornerstone, where a person who has been lucky enough to have been born earlier, has gotten access to our planet’s previously hidden natural resources, and now will not let it go for the greater good, citing his/her natural right to that bounty by claiming he/she is natural owner of aforesaid ‘property’ just because that person was favoured by random luck to be first to appear/exist in the spectrum of our universal time-scale. Nothing more. This is why there is the common lament that most wealth is held in the least number of hands. There is only a finite amount of natural wealth and people who came before us all have claimed ownership to said property.

Capitalism is just a superficially rational monarchy. Semantics and written language have been turned into a tool for ensuring unquestioned subservience. The natural and social urge of human society to co-operate has been deemed to be unfit and repulsive, which it indeed is when implemented by power-hungry individuals indulging in the propagation of self-interest and subjugation.

There is only one way to break out of this cycle of chronic thralldom and that is to direct our attention up & above our planet’s atmosphere into outer space. We are gifted with only a few years of life for existence and it is way too little to be bogged down, wasting it away, cowing to either vicious dictators of apocryphal co-operation, or winners of a random birth lottery.

None of the rules are set in stone. It requires just that little push to move past a tipping point for reclaiming the hours of your precious time. YOU ARE INDEBTED TO NO PERSON!


Have a Spooky October!


In Culture, Life, Politics on November 22, 2015 at 9:51 am

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, editorials have been popping up dime a dozen analyzing as well as normalizing these kinds of wanton destruction and disregard  for sanctity of human life. Especially the humans walking the street.

If they hate Hollande for his foreign policy, the terrorists ideally should have made an assassination attempt on his life, instead they target common civilians. If Osama and his Al’Qaeda organisation hated American foreign policy, then they should’ve gone for the seat of Bush administration, or his immediate family. Instead it is always the civilians, ordinary folk like you and I, who are at the receiving end of their mindless wrath. This fact exposes the lazy cowards for what they really are in the grand scheme of things.

Editorials normalizing incidents of terrorism have gone so far as to say that the world is not at the brink of collapse, that ISIS operates in a border-less global civilization, and even earlier editorials have been published on the psychology of terrorism.

As it is with any discipline of science, there is no need to overthink the reason behind acts of terrorism. Always remember to Keep It Simple.

Two words encapsulate the cause of this widespread unrest.

Narcissism & Relevance.

Politics and foreign policies are pointed out as reasons just to distract the public at large.


That’s what you want in life. You want to feel relevant. You want to feel connected.

Our entire planet is progressing at a blazing pace, but a large segment of this burgeoning population is unable to let go of their ancient beliefs and traditions. In order to push their agenda, youngsters are recruited, youngsters who have become disillusioned with the on-goings of daily life and want to put their stamp on an indifferent world.

And there you have it. At this meeting of post-modern narcissism and old world irrelevance, terrorism is birthed!

They aim to make you respect them through fear.

I know you are scared. I am too. But we have not evolved these many million years just to give in to some insolent children with guns.

Even as the streets get louder with hate propaganda, remember that you’re surrounded by helpers. Always look for these helpers whenever in trouble. We are everywhere and outnumber the terrorists many times over.

Take care.

Loss of Meaning

In Culture, Life, Politics on October 18, 2013 at 12:15 pm

This isn’t about a perceived lack of meaning due to abandonment of a particular set of theological doctrines. This is about the erosion  occurring to a frequently used noun; terrorism.

achmed the dead terrorist

The meaning is commonly accepted to be any kind of violent terror that is inflicted in order to coerce a particular action. Most of the times the intended outcome involves the release of their comrades from imprisonment. The recent ones have been about religious extremism. There have been terror attacks by anarchists with the purpose of chaos, which they ideally believe to give chance for an alternate governance or non-governance that might lead to widespread societal harmony.  A vast number of times, attacks have been inflicted by the lower rung to the burgeoise. The Nihilist Movement worked this way predominantly.

The ETA and IRA organised terror attacks for their causes as well. But 2011 bore witness to an act that resonated with the global conscience. Religious extremism was able to inflict the deepest blow to modern civilization. Organisations with a military outfit used to prepare their plan with a target at hand, but as of this point in time, maximum indiscriminate fatalities are the norm. The arbitrary nature of this provocation can be deciphered from midnight attack at Mumbai and the Nairobi Westgate Shopping Centre tragedy.

Hamid Karzai SEAL team six bodyguards

SEAL Team Six provides close protection for Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Historically, leaders began to be fitted with protectors after the first terror outfits started gunning for them. Is this the outcome that can be generated by present day terrorism? Security State with pervasive state protection for civilians.  Of course there will be criteria to be eligible for maximum protection which can only be afforded by the upper rung. What will the indiscriminate terrorists do after finding it cumbersome to get at the burgeoise while a large section of the population are just fish swimming in a barrel. Geographically, an urban area with access represents this barrel, which would mean a wide range of barrels for picking.

The Al-Qaeda core has weakened but its affiliates are going strong. These extremists have effectively hijacked terrorism to spread their fundamentalist ideology. The replacement of Christian Law with Sharia Law.  Terrorists used to be minimally funded and their targets were local but now we have entered a phase where globalized terror has embedded itself in the worldwide psyche. The funds have improved as well. The meaning of terrorism is declining, all the while engorging itself into a monster with life of its own.

Rule of the Khan

In Culture, Politics on April 9, 2013 at 7:10 am

Indian populist culture is familiar with, and pays ceaseless, cosmetic tribute to contemporary Khan Dynasties epitomized by Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan & of course Aamir Khan. But what the Indian diaspora fails to recognize is the fact that Khan Dynasties not only rule their movie industry, but their fragile political infrastructure is led by one of the most powerful Khan dynasties on the planet.

The Nehru-Khan Dynasty.

Jawaharlal Nehru was an English aristocrat first, and an Indian freedom fighter second, who happened to take over Indian politics in its nascent state. He was a true statesman, both articulate and charismatic. His daughter was a whole another matter. She was a true authoritarian, chiding and scolding, even punishing state leaders for failure to comply with her dictatorship.

Before she rose to her seat of power, Indira Nehru, as was her maiden name, married Feroze Khan. The surname of Feroze Khan’s Parsi mother was Gandhy, but even then she still hadn’t attained the much coveted political surname.  Since you’re reading this, you might as well get to know Maimuna Begum! Her marriage was not well-received by her father, which prompted M.K Gandhi, to mediate the issue. He adopted Feroze Khan, thus gifting him and future generations of Indira’s family, the holy grail of Gandhian nomenclature.

Thus finally we arrive at the year 2013 A.D., with Antonia Maino , aka Sonia Khan, aka Sonia Gandhi reigning over the Indian sub-continent. If we follow the true family nomenclature, we have Rahul Khan, who is touted as successor to the Nehru-Khan Dynasty.

Truth is stranger than fiction…only until you grow measurably familiar with it.

Ordered Disorder

In Culture, Life, Politics, Universe on February 8, 2013 at 8:44 am

Every human being on this planet is trying to satiate himself/herself, trying vehemently and continuously to bring order to its  biological (disordered) aggregated system. This disorder manifests itself in the thought process, i.e your thoughts have no deterministic pattern if we ignore short-term objectives or falsely and artificially imbued long term objectives. Every violent action or thoughtful kindness you find committed in this world is an attempt to bring order to an infinitely disordered cognition. Kindness is positive and should be perpetuated but the negative, violence committed for personal, individual and economic gratification is holding on with equal footing. This shows a basic flaw in the organisation of our global civilization.

H.L. Mencken said, ” I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air – that progress made under the shadow of the policeman’s club is false progress, and of no permanent value.”

The description in the first paragraph is often termed idealistic and scoffed at. The masters say it is not attainable and the subjects obey. We keep marching to the drums of war with no end in sight but of infinite  murder, rape, extortion and pollution(both extrinsic and intrinsic). Nowadays violence is so commonplace that we won’t bat an eyelash if a woman’s intestines are pulled out through her vagina. Masters pin it as an isolated instance, use the police baton to kill the perpetrators and the public moves on. Eye for an eye, or normalised violence.

The President’s daughter will never get raped.

Loki: Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!
 Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes          your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

Natural state implies an ordered state as opposed to a disordered state.  Freedom imposes free-thinking which is an assault on our disordered cognition. It is so much easier when thinking is done for you and an artificial objective is set. And then the onus is upon the subjects to achieve it. On the path to achieving this, we find our brothers and sisters getting raped and murdered, yet we ignore fundamental human instincts to protect the less fortunate only to be housed in individualistic spheres of self-involvement.

Lets consider the horrors of genital mutilation. Protesters from Femen(postmodern feminists) gatecrashed the Berlin Film Festival diverting spotlight towards the issue of female genital mutilation. The masters have already won when they’ve divided their subjects up into segments. The females fight for the females and the males fight for the males.

Photographers & Femen protester at Berlin Film Festival.

Photographers & Femen protester at Berlin Film Festival.

We should stop genital mutilation regardless of gender.

A male child screaming,  lying restrained & helpless while being circumcised.

A male child screaming, lying restrained & helpless while being circumcised.

Divide and conquer is how the British took control of immensely populated India. They introduced an artificial disorder by pitting the Muslims against the Hindus and then proceeded to garb themselves as the solution to this disorder. Today, we live in a world characterized by its capitalistic economy. The masters divide you up into different socio-economic classes. It is a well-known fact that a wide margin is emerging between incomes earned from varying professions. A while ago, the income disparity between a farmer and a bourgeois Indian was as high 1:5, which is widening as you read this. Escalating numbers of farmers committing suicide is testament to this.

We live in an especially tumultuous period in the evolution of human thought. The stage is set and looks ripe for a paradigm shift in global conscience, very much akin to the shift from geocentric to heliocentric worldview. The onus is on the subjects to overthrow artificially embedded materialistic hollow objectives that appear grossly outdated and inefficient for an increasingly dense and disordered population, prevailing only to further the ambitions of  plutocrats.

“You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

“You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.”


In Culture, Politics on October 27, 2012 at 12:07 pm

As soon as you leave our planet’s atmosphere there is no longer a medium to carry sound waves propagating from your vocal chord. Only pristine silence awaits you in the heavens. This is not so in our natural habitat though. Visual and auditory pollution is rising incrementally.  Our infotainment obsessed culture is to blame for inadvertently creating Huxley’s information-overloaded dystopia.

Information-fed eyeball

We, the present occupants of Earth are participants in an emancipation of nascent global governance. We can no longer ignore each other. Communication has brought the entire human race coupled with all their prejudices and endowments under a singular planetary umbrella. International tension between India and Italy have been rising ever since two Italian marines providing security for a cargo ship, were jailed in Kerala(South India) for slaughtering hapless fishermen in international waters, mistaking them for pirates. The marines’ actions would have been inconsequential in earlier times.

Information percolation through various media ensured that these marines were held accountable. But staying true to binary tendencies of every component of nature, media carries along with it a potential to easily transform itself between news-carriers and news-makers. This is evident in the recent Zee News scandal involving blackmail of steel industrialist Navin Jindal.  Another instance is Diana Spencer’s car accident brought about by incessant papparazi giving chase to the royal divorcée’s  boyfriend’s limousine. As a civilization, we are being conditioned to feed up on information meted out by celebrity news casters every day of the month, every year.  Huxley was right.

India is known worldwide for its nuanced absurdities and the present situation involving outing of corrupted officials in high governance deserves introspection. Coming across hard-hitting pieces written by leading houses on current affairs, one would begin to wonder what was the intended purpose of journalism while the corruption was going on in the first place, instead of gawking over all of its records. An efficiently functioning media is touted to be the watchdog of able governance. Yet we find a dog inflicted with acute Attention Deficit Disorder waking up at intermittent points and then dozing off again.

The lesson for today, my children is never give in to false representation which news reporting invariably turns out to be. We see what they want us to see. Case in point: Consider any press conference. The camera is positioned such that it hides all gathered press contingent. We are not able to witness a scene in its entirety but a dressed-up visual, amounting to eye-candy.  What else do you feed mute eye-balls anyways…


Further Reading:

Fears of a witch hunt as BBC sex abuse scandal spreads

All in the family

In Culture, Life, Politics on October 10, 2012 at 7:59 am

An earlier post was on societal segregation found in hyper-economic industrial segments. There, we considered a fickle movie industry that prefers to handle creativity, production and distribution in-house and ideally literally inside their family homes so that there is no interference from ordinary folk, who is only required to line up and hand over their money to these segregated industry kingpins. An iniquitous society churns and grumbles as it tries to free itself from this blatant nepotism. We might be witnessing a calculated  assault on the status quo just as pointed out previously, “The process of dismantling these miniature societies will hence be inevitable, conscripted and an absolute necessity”. Recently divulged information shows another facet to societal segregation applied and implemented by political powerhouses.

Catastrophic bombshells were strategically released by Indian political activist, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal shaming and naming India’s Italian godmother’s son-in-law, Mr. Robert Vadra. The first family of Indian politics enjoys a clout of power owing to dynasty worship. This worship arises out of a kind of abstraction employed by these masters who teach their subjects to vote for a noun instead of an idea. The largest democracy in the world, through incessant conditioning has been reduced to an impotent dog very much like Pavlov’s unlucky canine whose only job is to cast a vote in favor of ‘Gandhi’ or ‘Congress’ as soon as the bell is rung. Deplorably regressive societal un-development ensues even if the ‘Congress’ noun is replaced by a ‘BJP’ one or any of the myriad nouns that are abstractions created to facilitate propagation of personal development rather than a wider, national prerogative.


BM: Hello, this is Bharat Mata.  Am I speaking to the policy makers of the Indian government? Can you please protect my children from undernourishment and could you for god’s sake stop wasting agriculture produce…

Govt: Err… Bharat Ma’m, kindly have a seat over there. We will get back to you as soon as my grandson launches his movie production studio and owns at least two IPL cricket teams .



A recent study1 notes the sharp rise in extreme wealth after 1990;

“Overall, 43% of the total number of billionaires, accounting for 60% of billionaire wealth in India, had their primary sources of wealth from rent-thick sectors.”

When a billion people hand over control of their land to you, a modern King’s office at your disposal, with a palace of malevolent  ministers, replete with jesters and patrons, the kingdom becomes ripe for your nepotistic dictum. Rabindranath’s India2  has been stripped of her innocence as soon as she came of age in the 1940s-50s and she’s nothing but a former shell of herself. A perpetual prostitute being ravaged decade after decade by thieves and dacoits while her impotent children stand and watch with bated breath for a savior that has never showed up.

Hell, in all probability the messianic was a girl, born with a twinkle in her eye and full of hope for future, only to be jammed down one of those wretched toilets housed in a common commuter train  chugging away on our glorious national railway network.

All hail progress, Jai Hind et al.


1. Where do India’s Billionaires Get Their Wealth?

2.  Here we assume the nation to have had a reincarnation of sorts after  Imperial British withdrawal.

Gold Rush – Part II

In Earth, Politics on October 2, 2011 at 5:21 am

Proponents of a multipolar global society may have to re-evaluate the extent of interdependency and mutual co-operation among nations considering the huge amount of political clout enjoyed by big brother, U.S.A.  The superpower’s main objective since World War I has been to ensure sufficient inflow of oil and its products to sustain the American military-industrial complex.

1913 –> Henry Ford, 50 years of age, recast the face of automobile manufacturing by introducing the automated assembly line.

1914 –> Assembly time reduced from 12&1/2  hours to just 1&1/2 hours.

1921 – 1925  –> Declining production costs enable Ford to cut automobile prices upto six times, essentially reducing the cost to $290. This was less than the combined three-month wage of an average American worker.

And that is how, my children, Americans got their ride.  Cars were the symbol of the consumer driven society in 1919 and it continues to be even today.   There were 6.7 million cars on American roads in 1919  but by 1929 it inflated to 27 million!  When big brother got cars, everyone else wants one and here in Trivandrum(India), we have the latest Audi and Mercedes trudging along on tiny pathways. Because, you see, the imported cars are manufactured according to global standards but the road they travel on is unfortunately locally manufactured, lead by your ruling masters(or cretin – used interchangeably), who spend every moment scheming new ways to sponge-off their constituency’s revenue and hence public amenities get the brunt of it. [Pardon the digression]

The American search for energy security began  from the early 1900s, which took them into regions of the globe where its national security interests would not otherwise have been at stake. The stalemate between the U.S and the Middle-East is not slated to end anytime soon. If you don’t believe me, take  a look at the jet black area towards the middle of the map below.

Worldwide distribution of petroleum deposits

Worldwide distribution of petroleum deposits

This explains why the Americans are hell bent on bringing democracy to the Arab nations while not blinking an eye in the aftermath of terrible human rights violations in Myanmar or East Timor.

Go back to bed, child…big brother will protect you now, on his terms of course.

sea turtle was up ashore after gulf oil spill

A dead, endangered sea-turtle washes up ashore at Pass Christian, April 16, 2011. Following the Gulf oil spill the number of turtles stranded in the Gulf coast was up by seven times in March, as reported by NWF - (Mario Tama/Getty Images/

(End of Part II)                                                                                Read Gold Rush – Part One

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