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In Culture, Life on January 22, 2012 at 10:49 am
Seneca the Younger 4 b.c.- 65 a.d. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

In 1998, taxonomists estimated there were 1.7 million species on planet Earth. Thats 1,700,000.  According to Christainity, out of this huge number, apparantly only one species will ever be truly ‘saved’. The remaining 1,699,999 species found around us are just fillers…just extras in the blockbuster of a life-time. This ‘faith’ is a piece of information being handed down from one generation to the other, but what is the origin of this? Divine epiphany? Or did the first ape who stood upright suddenly realise he just had to have faith?

The answer to this quandary is a book!

Krishna and Jesus holding hands

The long-winded wordplay is an oft-used technique employed to fatten the divine texts.

Christians have the Bible(The Books), Muslims brandish their Qur’an(Recitation) and the Hindus read from the Bhagavad Gita(Song of God).  A study conducted in 2003 came to the conclusion that there were upto 175 million original books stocked worldwide. This does not take into account the Terabytes of digital information though. When there are so many books in the world why does a segment of the society consider only their respective religious texts of indoctrination as ‘The Book’? Doesn’t it border on bigotry? Although it should be noted, human xenophobia is a well documented trait among the divine species. A few millennial years into the future, after all the books are incinerated through some cultural anomaly, we’ll have zealots touting ‘The Zip-Drive’ that contains the words of their omniscient savior.

The odds are stacked more against electronics though considering we do have an omniscient and moody ‘God’, which is the ubiquitous solar lord, our Sun.

Another perspective that is tremendously overlooked by our zealots is our position in this Universe.  Consider the physical position of our tiny planet in an universe housing upto 125 billion galaxies(1999 estimate-Hubble Space telescope)! Earth is a very boring celestial body located on one of the outer arms of the Milky Way galaxy. Calculating the planet’s position is not an exact science since we’re inside the mammoth galaxy that we’re trying to measure. We can’t even accurately arrive at a consensus on this, or lack a method to verify this beyond any doubt. But, a segment of the human population on this very same planet is absolutely sure that everything in this non-measurable galaxy came into existence for them. This population holds on to an immensely intangible quality called faith. Faith is the height of ignorance when used to further one’s own prejudice. Anyone who dares to question the nakedness of these emperors of moral superiority is labelled an heretic.

Police have arrested an Indonesian who posted “God does not exist” on Facebook. Alexander said he does not believe in angels, devils, heaven and hell. A group of people came to his office in Pulau Punjung, Dharmasraya Wednesday, and beat him up before taking him to the police. According to The Jakarta Globe, the men who attacked Alexander at his work place, the Dharmasaya Development Planning Board (Bappeda), included government officials. Read more

It is very fortunate for religious masters that  the Gods never directly communicates to the common man. There are always middle-men who will converse to the almighty on your behalf. Oh! How blessed are we!

Faith is Unreasonable

Democratic Spasm

In Life on October 6, 2011 at 4:30 am

Democracy is a form of government where the opinion of the common citizen is taken into consideration in view of the impact that framing of new laws has on their everyday lives. The democratic state protects the citizen from calamity because essentially the democratic government is supposed to be an extension of the common citizen. This, of course is the ideal state.

As in the case of any pure idea put forth, e.g Christianity, some individuals take it upon themselves to modify and practice a horrendous, mutated version, because the masters know better than you. According to the self-appointed masters, God & Jesus consider you to be too insignificant for direct communication. Apparently they’ll only talk to you via the priest master. In the same way, you, the common man, do not know what’s good for you, hence you need ruling masters who will be appearing to fill their pockets from the state treasury but they’re supposedly working for your benefit according to some convoluted form of governance.

The myriad of malaise affecting a democratic state includes corruption, dynasty and merging of superstition and governance. It might be interesting to note that the birth of the Old Testament lies in surrounding areas of the Fertile Crescent where the population was growing too large to control, about 6000 to 8000 years ago. Hence, the invisible Father in heaven came into being, who will cast lightning on you unless you obey Him and as an extension, your God-appointed ruler. You get a pass to heaven provided you don’t question your heavenly king. It took aeons to dissociate state and religion although efforts are still on to merge it again, as shown by the Hindutva ideology practiced by BJP in India and the Bible belt in U.S.A.

Women suffrage movements are a comparatively recent phenomenon. The weak gender was thought incapable of making decisions, only considered to be homemakers and still are in many parts of the world. Saudi women will have to wait till 2015 to get their right to vote. Interestingly, God is always thought of as male even though it is only the females that give birth to life. The masters know what the formless God looks like, because they constructed the Almighty in the first place. Following is an alternate depiction of God, Alanis Moirsette in Dogma. Check out awesomely annoyed Professor Snape too(rofl).

We’ll tackle political dynasty in some other faraway post. Next item on the agenda is corruption. Anna Hazare held the attention of the entire country with his fast on the Jan Lokpal Bill. This disenchantment with the ruling class had been building up for a long time and finally boiled over. The weekly magazine, Frontline proclaimed that Gandhi would never have supported any form of Satyagraha in an independent India. Well, he neither would have taken a liking to the amount of extra-governmental payola being procured by government officials, ironically in offices with Gandhi’s portrait hung prominently above on the wall.

The ‘spasm’ in the post title refers not just to the illness of our democracy but also to the sudden bout of sickness that affects our ruling masters when they’re found guilty of malpractice and send to jail. They are as healthy as a horse when there is no chance of prosecution. These healthy masters stand for election after election with a plastic smile embedded into their ever so made up faces, yet when it comes to jail-time, they’re beset with all sorts of disorders ranging from dementia to kidney failures.

Get well soon, masters. Shortly, the treasury will be ripe for looting come election time.

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