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Mahaavatar Babaji’s Vision

In Culture, Life, Philosophy, Politics on February 22, 2019 at 5:52 am

How do you go about building a fantastic backstory for your existence?

In most cases, it is the male brain tackling this problem and produce a solution with one magnificient patriarchal figure that holds all answers, and is pure as well as unquestionable beyond all logic. Their wisdom encompasses everything and is also ageless, or stands apart from the passage of time. A cosmic divinity.

Yahweh and Allah were created vast periods of time ago when humans were only beginning to wield their power over language and symbols. Invariably in both cases there always exists a representative of them on Earth. It is very, very odd that these omniscient beings are as touchy as a girl in India, who will only partake in your company if certain conditions are met. It is very prudent for the Indian girl to set herself such rules but for a mythical being, such statutes for appearing in living form, just seems immensely convenient for the purported representative.

The purpose of today’s post is to analyze one of these mythical figureheads created in our recent past, the nineteenth century, a supposed Godman who only appears to chosen persons, Mahaavatar Babaji. He is male, shirtless. Does not age. Long hair of yogi let loose, always pictured in a yogic pose. He apparates. A lot, actually.


Mythical world-building begins at this mythical figurehead. Our figurehead then grants appearance and court to certain selected individuals, who will in-turn ‘work’ for their whole lifespan just to ‘save’ YOUR soul. It is a time-tested strategy and began to be applied in Hinduism, also known as Sanātana Dharma, by the twentieth-century, following the metamorphosis of Mr. Mukunda Lal Ghosh into Paramhansa Yogananda.

Autobiography of a Yogi is predominantly an Indian snake-oil manifesto for North Americans. It especially shows its date when the Yogi almost always uses ‘America’ when referring North America. Why didn’t the Mahaavatar want Yogis from South America?

We zip into 21st century, 2019, and now a lineage has been created for this knowledge of life, with titles for all the prophets along the way, both past and present. Mahaavatar passes on the tenets of Kriya Yoga to Shyama Charan Lahiri, aka Lahiri Mahasaya, aka Yogavataar. Lahiri Mahasaya’s principal disciple was a Bengali with birth name Priya Nath Karar, later christened with Swami Yukteswar Giri, aka Jnaanavatar. And then his principal disciple is Mukunda Lal, aka Paramhansa Yogananda. You have to understand the semantics of how they get these names and that is the smoking gun of all this spiritual propaganda. When you attain monastic prominence, your guru, or teacher gives your final name such as Swami or Paramhansa. Or in some cases if you have complete control over publication of propaganda, you just speak on ‘behalf’ of that guru and name yourself. As time passes on, to get even closer to the Mahaavatar, you name yourself in the same manner as him and that is the origin of all those ‘avatars’.


White Steel

Paramhansa Yogananda is now renowned as Premavatar(Avatar of Love), christened in such a way by a contemporary who follows in his footsteps, Master Yogiraj Siddhanath. It’s very ironic our dear Paramhansa was named such, as there is not a single chapter in his autobiography devoted to describing the love between man and woman. Just a multitude of name-dropping, followed by lots of visions. Shri M, aka Shri Madukarnath Ji is another previous Indian resident who was plagued with visions of Mahaavatar Babaji and now tasked with setting up institutions overseas and bed&breakfast operations for tourists from developed countries in the homeland.

The author of this post prays for their souls to attain moksha from land acquisition and inopportune visions at all costs. Shoutout to Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and rest of the gang.

Mahaavatar Babaji visited the author and instructed him to create this blogpost so that his message is immediately conveyed to our Master Yogis, all of  these Entreprenavatars.

 धियो यो नप्रचोदयात्


Manufacturing Consent for War in Syria

In Politics on September 27, 2018 at 2:01 am

The Indian Inquiry

In Politics on September 10, 2018 at 9:25 am

As we celebrate yet another national Indian holiday in the form of a Bharat bandh, it is only appropriate to analyse just how much the political class is vested in the protection of it’s residential citizens.

September 11th, 2001, marked a watershed point in North American history leading on to their administration setting a benchmark on how to retaliate against an illegitimate foreign entity carrying out brazen attacks on their national soil.

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission), chaired by Thomas Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, was formed in late 2002 to prepare a thorough account of the circumstances surrounding the attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks.

As stated above, a commission was immediately tasked with making sense of a senseless, in-humane massacre. The commission produced their detailed report on July 22, 2004, just 3 years after the initial attack.


“We believe the 9/11 attacks revealed four kinds of failures: in imagination, policy, capabilities, and management”.

The nation state accepted their failures. And as we all know, failure is the crucial stepping stone to atonement.

Their commission’s mission was accomplished in 2011;

Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on May 2, 2011, shortly after 1:00 AM local time (4:00 PM eastern time) by a United States military special operations unit.

These actions set a precedent and deterrent for any other non-governmental agencies planning similar attacks on the democracy of United States of America.

Now let us have a look at the attack on Indian soil, which occurred at Mumbai on November 26, 2008. (In the author’s opinion when it came to plagiarizing the title of those attacks they should have chosen from another white civilization, specifically the Brits, and should have been Remember, remember, the 26th of November!)

Unlike the plane crash concocted at New York, this attack left a lone survivor, Ajmal Kasab, one of those terrorists armed to his teeth. A grunt. Spineless. Unable to have an original thought even if his life depended on it. That hopeless soul met his end in a stop-gap government mandated hanging and lies in an unmarked grave at present.


Ajmal Kasab (left); Taj Hotel under attack on the fateful on November 26th, 2008 (right)

There was no commission formed to investigate the act. Essentially the government, neither the state(Maharashtra), nor central India(federal), were, or are keen to be held accountable. Haphazard investigations netted all kinds of suspects, some whom were falsely charged and held, two of them were in prison for 8 years and released later on without any compensation. Let us at least find solace in the fact this is much less of a reaction as opposed to Guantanamo Bay. If Bharat Rashtra embarked on such a scale, the misery would be unprecedented, but you should also consider that they could easily evaluate the American approach and plagiarise the accurate & substantial actions taken. But as with every other dimension of life, nothing substantial is ever preferred by the perpetrators of Bharat’s Governance. Take today’s Bharat Bandh for example. A hue and cry over exorbitant taxes applied on fuel. Opposition party declares shutdown of entire Indian Industry to protest even though all the actors involved have full knowledge that nothing of substance is going to result from this farcical exercise.


In the end, our North American counterpart(FBI) nabbed one of the masterminds of the November attacks, David Headly and they still have him in custody. The National Intelligence Agency is busy harrassing it’s own citizens who speak up against rampant corruption and segregation based on religion, caste(societal hierarchy based on profession, a vestigial from a bygone era). All while the educated class sit idle twiddling their thumbs waiting for someone else to stand up and take on the intimidating mission of holding the state accountable.

Mission Status: Pending




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