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The Shattering

In Life on October 1, 2019 at 7:37 am
At what point in your life do you become a man?


Is it your first spluge of alcohol that when you are able to hold inside which marks the point? No


Is it the first blow you land on a fellow human? No


Instead there is an instant where your soul realizes it will forever miss a part of its constitution. She was, or is the missing piece. A piece that you were drawn towards at one point but the forces of nature built insurmountable indifferent obstacles that made it so that you will be never together.


You will never bathe in her warm, oily breath. You will never run your fingers through her freshly wet long locks. You will never see those little hairs on her neck stand at full tilt when you caress her back. She has attached on to her soul another, whom she sought as a match as TIME had its way with your fate.


Brother, I tell you, embrace that pain. Live every moment of it. Become the pain. Steadily let it engulf every inch of your soul in that invaluably terrifyingly excruciating pain. Feel it eat away at every inch of your miserable flesh. Let it consume you through and through. There is no hedonistic pleasure in this entire universe that can sufficiently equate to that existential horror.


And at that moment when you feel that all consuming flame build up to its crescendo, when you feel it forming a sheet of supposedly unbreakable glass around your aching heart, you can slowly discern the cracks giving away, the glass shatters, your cocoon of pain dissolves. You arise at the other end much like the phoenix of yore, with your mighty heart perfected inside those all-consuming flames of your passion that ceased to be, but transmuted into an impervious shield.


Rejoice, you are there, brother. An eternal scar remains, nevertheless that beautiful, eternally tumultuous torment signifies your true manhood.


The Case Against Religion

In Culture, Earth, Life, Universe on May 16, 2019 at 6:23 am

A valid tactic employed for the purpose of subjugation is to inundate the lay-person with a barrage of sensory information that renders them passive and malleable. So, when we begin to analyze a topic like religion, the sheer number of disparations will seem daunting, and hence we will only consider the three main ones that have caught on with the popular psyche….for now. Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

For any idealogue(priests), the first requirement is a manifesto, with Judaism the first to get its Torah at around 1300BC, which also happens to be the Old Testament for the Christians. The New Testament was added at the beginning of our Gregorian Calendar, which was the Julian Calendar at that particular point in time. The stranglehold of Christian theology on the worldwide calendar is reflected in its position as the religion with maximum number of followers at 2.4 billion, followed by a persistent and aggressive Islam at 1.8 billion. To be fair though, Christianity did have an aggressive phase but that discussion is outside the purview of today’s discussion.

Calendars are an important facet of the threat posed by mass religious propaganda and more specifically it is TIME, in and of itself which is going to be a silent catalyst of turmoil. You see, even though the Talmud and Quran offers verbatim instructions directly from the mouth of a Creator, it fails at describing time. According to Christian rhetoric, the world was purportedly supposed to end  a multitude of times bringing forth the Creator’s judgement followed by his wise rule. The dates of apocalypse keep  amassing but the world with its population of divergent subjects keep trudging on from one murder to the next genocide. No end to evil. No judgement in sight.

The argument in this wall of text is that as time marches on without divine intervention, it will slowly dawn on the less morally inclined, that there is no repercussion and there is no substance to the religious narrative. This will embolden evil to the extreme. On the other hand, if humanity’s progression has their idealogue based on a tangible prerogative such as Common Good of Mankind, or a Balance in Natural Existence, instead of an All Knowing Being, the chances of a lay-population helping themselves  and not waiting for outside intervention will be more probable, achievable, as well as desirable.

This existent threat of regression, depravation, perversion and rot applies to all the other religions that have found niches, where even Buddhism has extremists now.

If you are a reader, who is lost among various religious alternatives, the author recommends self-meditation and a small-scale web research into ‘Pagan‘ religion, which is not a single religion but a gambit of the choicest deities that our prevalent Christian forefathers successfully outlawed on the course to their ascendancy. Choose your favorite deity that matches your personality and stay good, be absurdly kind in a world that makes no sense, and hold your sigil close to your heart till the day you die.

PS: There is indeed judgement for all your actions and you shouldn’t be unnerved or swayed by the sheer amount of time that you have to wait for that day to come. IT. WILL. BE. DONE.


A shoutout to Hinduism. We are experiencing  a Day of Brahma at this point in time, which will last 4.32 billion years, followed by a Night, when the universe will be dark and lifeless for that same amount of time. RIP.


Mahaavatar Babaji’s Vision

In Culture, Life, Philosophy, Politics on February 22, 2019 at 5:52 am

How do you go about building a fantastic backstory for your existence?

In most cases, it is the male brain tackling this problem and produce a solution with one magnificient patriarchal figure that holds all answers, and is pure as well as unquestionable beyond all logic. Their wisdom encompasses everything and is also ageless, or stands apart from the passage of time. A cosmic divinity.

Yahweh and Allah were created vast periods of time ago when humans were only beginning to wield their power over language and symbols. Invariably in both cases there always exists a representative of them on Earth. It is very, very odd that these omniscient beings are as touchy as a girl in India, who will only partake in your company if certain conditions are met. It is very prudent for the Indian girl to set herself such rules but for a mythical being, such statutes for appearing in living form, just seems immensely convenient for the purported representative.

The purpose of today’s post is to analyze one of these mythical figureheads created in our recent past, the nineteenth century, a supposed Godman who only appears to chosen persons, Mahaavatar Babaji. He is male, shirtless. Does not age. Long hair of yogi let loose, always pictured in a yogic pose. He apparates. A lot, actually.


Mythical world-building begins at this mythical figurehead. Our figurehead then grants appearance and court to certain selected individuals, who will in-turn ‘work’ for their whole lifespan just to ‘save’ YOUR soul. It is a time-tested strategy and began to be applied in Hinduism, also known as Sanātana Dharma, by the twentieth-century, following the metamorphosis of Mr. Mukunda Lal Ghosh into Paramhansa Yogananda.

Autobiography of a Yogi is predominantly an Indian snake-oil manifesto for North Americans. It especially shows its date when the Yogi almost always uses ‘America’ when referring North America. Why didn’t the Mahaavatar want Yogis from South America?

We zip into 21st century, 2019, and now a lineage has been created for this knowledge of life, with titles for all the prophets along the way, both past and present. Mahaavatar passes on the tenets of Kriya Yoga to Shyama Charan Lahiri, aka Lahiri Mahasaya, aka Yogavataar. Lahiri Mahasaya’s principal disciple was a Bengali with birth name Priya Nath Karar, later christened with Swami Yukteswar Giri, aka Jnaanavatar. And then his principal disciple is Mukunda Lal, aka Paramhansa Yogananda. You have to understand the semantics of how they get these names and that is the smoking gun of all this spiritual propaganda. When you attain monastic prominence, your guru, or teacher gives your final name such as Swami or Paramhansa. Or in some cases if you have complete control over publication of propaganda, you just speak on ‘behalf’ of that guru and name yourself. As time passes on, to get even closer to the Mahaavatar, you name yourself in the same manner as him and that is the origin of all those ‘avatars’.


White Steel

Paramhansa Yogananda is now renowned as Premavatar(Avatar of Love), christened in such a way by a contemporary who follows in his footsteps, Master Yogiraj Siddhanath. It’s very ironic our dear Paramhansa was named such, as there is not a single chapter in his autobiography devoted to describing the love between man and woman. Just a multitude of name-dropping, followed by lots of visions. Shri M, aka Shri Madukarnath Ji is another previous Indian resident who was plagued with visions of Mahaavatar Babaji and now tasked with setting up institutions overseas and bed&breakfast operations for tourists from developed countries in the homeland.

The author of this post prays for their souls to attain moksha from land acquisition and inopportune visions at all costs. Shoutout to Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and rest of the gang.

Mahaavatar Babaji visited the author and instructed him to create this blogpost so that his message is immediately conveyed to our Master Yogis, all of  these Entreprenavatars.

 धियो यो नप्रचोदयात्

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